Connecting Classrooms



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Bell Lane Primary School Primary School is currently involved in an exciting ‘Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning’ (CCGL) project with the other schools in the North of England called St Johns Stonefold CE School in Accrington and two schools in Nepal called Lilliput Premier Elementary School and Xavier English School. 

We are linked up with Lilliput Premier Elementary School. 

CCGL is an international programme supporting the teaching and learning of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

During the project is called Learning for Life'  joint activities will take place, which will help pupils to understand the big issues that shape our world, and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make a positive contribution. 

We will be focusing on Sustainable Development Goals Good Health and Wellbeing (SDG 3) and Quality of Education (SDG 4).

We have some global champions:

Y1 Rhino: Hanna
Y1 Orangutan: Safa
Y2 Whale: Inaaya
Y2 Polar Bear: Ema
Y3 Gorilla: Miriam
Y3: Dolphin: Vivaan
Y4 Lion: Summer
Y4 Tiger: Sajid
Y5 Jaguar: Shato
Y5 Leopard: Holly
Y6 Elephant: Darian
Y6 Giant Panda: Jasmine

We started our project in Sept 2020 and will continue till 2021. Some of the activities we will be participating in:

  • Baseline to find out what the schools in the United Kingdom know about Nepal and how much the Nepalese schools know about the United Kingdom. 
  • Celebrated world peace day with our global families. 
  • Me and my world in a shoebox activity
  • Votes for schools is a weekly project we are participating in.
  • Sharing of our COVID 19 experiences 
  • Mindful practices and sharing wellbeing activities
  • Healthy eating recipe book 
  • Acts of kindness

We are hoping to visit each other's schools in the near future.Screenshot 2021 01 30 at 16.54.49