Votes for Schools

This seeks to give children opportunities to reflect, discuss and have a voice on the issues that affect them from current affairs as well as consistently embedding SMSC, British Values and Prevent as part of their ongoing personal development.

The Programme of themes encourages our children to:

Be Informed. Be Curious. Be Heard.

Each week our children have an assembly to introduce a theme, a follow up discussion and vote. 

Here is a link to find out more about votes for schools

We are one of the first schools in the United Kingdom to take part in global voting.

We are comparing how we vote on different topics. For example:

Question: Have we forgotten about the environment?

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During this lesson, one of the pupils made a film about how we are affecting the environment. Meet Liv aged 8 years old who will inspire you to make a change. Liv inspired us with a video about lockdown from the eyes of a child aged 8 years old. 

Download this Video


My Lockdown story



Download this Video