School Improvement

Priority 1: Safeguarding To improve our current safeguarding practices to meet current legislative expectations and ensure our pupils are safe (and feel safe) within the school environment.
Priority 2: Quality of Education To reduce variability in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment through effective leadership
Priority 3: Curriculum To implement a ’broad and rich curriculum that reflects the vision and values of the school.
Priority 4: Behaviour and Attitudes To develop pupil’s behaviour so that they have high levels of respect for others and feel confident within themselves.
Priority 5: Personal Development The school provides meaningful opportunities for pupils to develop their talents and interests.
Priority 6: Leadership and Management To strengthen and empower leaders and managers at all levels (including governors and middle leaders) to provide a clear, strategic vision based on the school’s drive that achieve high standards and an uncompromising, highly successful drive to improve pupils’ achievements. The impact of improvements is monitored and leaders hold staff to account.
Priority 7: Evaluating the quality of Early Years Education from 2-5 years old Evaluating the quality of Early Years Education from 2-5 years old
Priority 8: Children centre Access to services by young children and families 0-19 Hub Model