Who's Who

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Headteacher - Miss Harsha Patel

Interim Deputy Headteacher - Inclusion Wed, Thu Fri / Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion Mon, Tue - Ms Janice Doherty 

Interim Deputy Headteacher - Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Curriculum Development – Mon / Tue -  Mrs Victoria Atkin 


Phase 1 Leader FEE2, Reception and Nursery -  Miss Anisha Madhewoo

Phase 2 Leader Year 1, 2 & 3 Leader - Miss Tamsin Jones

Phase 3 Leader Year 4, 5 & 6 Leader - Mrs Kulshum Javed

  • Miss Anisha Madhewoo - Teacher
  • Mrs Amya Powell
  • Miss Anisha Madhewoo (Class Teacher)
  • Mrs Zahida Khan (Nursery Nurse)
  • Miss Amy Powell (Nursery Nurse)
  • Mrs Mabel Osejindu (Class Teacher)
  • Mrs Ardina Vitija(Learning Partner)
  • Ms Idil Hamud (Class Teacher)
  • Ms Laura Moriaty (Learning Partner)
  • Mrs Gloria Huggins (Class Teacher)
  • Ms Dawn Humphyres (Learning Partner)
  • Miss Tamsin Jones (Class Teacher)
  • Mrs Donika Arapi (Learning Partner)
  • Mrs Laureta Zekiri (Class Teacher) 
  • Ms Fikeije Leci (Learning Partner)
  • Miss Priscilla McGuire (Class Teacher) 
  • Ms Lucy Duggan (Learning Partner)
  • Ms Britt Bendixen (Learning Partner)
  • Ms Elaine Prior (Learning Partner)
  • Mrs Shakrin Uddin (Class Teacher) 
  • Mr Nicholas Antoniou Class Teacher) 
  • Ms Clare Jewell (Learning Partner)
  • Mr Simon Savage (Class Teacher) 
  • Mr Hany Attalia (Learning Partner)
  • Mr Oliver Lewis (Class teacher)
  • Mrs Kulsham Javid (Class Teacher) 
  • Mrs Gina Schiavone (Learning Partner)
  • Ms Caroline Walsh (Class Teacher) 
  • Miss Babita Kumar (Class Teacher) 
  • Mrs Frances McLean (Learning Partner)
  • Mr Mohammad Hajikhalil (Class Teacher) 
  • Mrs Frances McLean (Learning Partner)

EAL / Aiming High Champions - Mrs Debbie Thomas and Mrs Gina Schiavone

Learning Mentor (0.4) - Mrs Rosemary Martin

PE specialist - Mr Khalid Ogunleye

  • Mrs Teresa Green - Inclusion

School Business Manager - Mrs Cara Demetriades

Finance Assistant - Mrs Jennifer Sanford

Administrator - Mornings - Amy Flower 

Afternoons - Mrs Dana Brown

Pastoral Care - Mrs Sharon Walton

Children’s Centre Manager - Ms Bow Faulkner-Vara

Information/Admin Officer - Mr Amit Patel

Early Years Worker - Ms Hero Said

Crèche worker - Ms Lumni Cakici

Crèche worker - Ms Armineh Haghnazarian



Site Manager - Mr Sebastian Mihai

Breakfast Club - Mrs Jane Shepherd

Breakfast Club - Mrs Stacey Parker

After School Club - Mrs Sharon Walton

After School Club - Mrs Debbie Thomas

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Jane Shepherd

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Stacey Parker

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Yeshi Dimiru

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Leila Rayane

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Fikrije Leci

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Britt Bendixen

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Lumni Cakici

Mealtime Supervisor - Mrs Elaine Prior

  • Mr Apdiqani Muse
  • Mrs Adelaide Mahel
  • Mrs Prembai Pindoriya
  • Mrs Lenuta Toma                  
  • Mrs Tejbai Patel                    
  • Mrs Jamna Vekaria

Learning Partner - Ms Shanice Gidigbi (November 2020)

Learning Partner - Mrs Brigida Gorczyca (January 2021)