The dedicated staff at Bell Lane Primary School are offering the following before and after school activities below to enrich your child’s education. Please see below for descriptions and discuss these fantastic opportunities with your child.


Before and After School Activities Spring Term 2020

In this practical and fun art club you will have the chance to complete a variety of different projects including clay sculptures, modelling and t-shirt design. You will have your creativity sparked and be able to make your own ideas become reality!

Come and join us bright and early for fun maths games, puzzles and practical problem-solving activities. You will be able to play with your friends and have opportunities to compete against them for prizes in this fun club!

Whether phonics is your thing or you find it a bit of a challenge there is something for everyone at ‘Phonics is fun!’ Practice playing interactive games with sounds to create words and rhymes at this fun club!

In this reading club you will have the opportunity to choose a book to read together as a group. Each week you will look at one chapter in depth, giving plenty of time to delve deeper into the characters, setting and the plot and complete activities around this chapter. You will also be provided with activities to take home which will keep you busy until the following week when you can come back together as a group and share your ideas. At the end of the term you will be able to take the book away to keep forever!

Drum roll please…… Please welcome to Bell Lane Primary School our very own professional creative writer! In this club you will be able to develop your writing skills and learn all the tricks of the trade to make your writing jump off the page and transport your readers to a place far away (and impress your teachers as well!) You will also have the opportunity to make your stories come to life through role play and performance.

In this drama group you can bring your ideas and experiences from real life as well as books and films etc to the group to explore and re-enact. There will be plenty of games to play and fun to be had while you explore different techniques and develop your self-expression. This group is for everyone from born performers to those who would like to feel more confident taking centre stage!

Come and make delicious healthy snacks at our Healthy Eating club! Learn about food and nutrition and what your body and mind need to keep you fit and healthy and ready to learn!

Drum roll number 2 please…… please welcome to Bell Lane the fabulous ‘Chess Coaching Services’. Rob has over 35 years of chess playing experience, he is a master of the game and in the top 1% of competitive chess players in the country! If you want to learnt the art of the game of kings (and queens!) sign up to chess club today!

Please find below the Activity Permission Slip - please return this to school as soon as possible with full payment.

After School Permission Slip