Useful Websites For Home Learning: 


Purple Mash

This website gives children access to a range of learning activities which they can do independently at home - Login required. 


This BBC website is full of lots of activities that supports your children’s learning. There are videos, games and reports that engage children of all ages.

Activity Village 

Activities linked to different topics.

Top Marks 

This site has many games that help children to improve their maths & English skills. Check out ‘Countdown’.

National Geographic Kids 

Children can read about the world of animals and find facts out. A useful website to help develop children’s understanding of nonfiction texts.

Reading Cloud 

Reading Cloud allows children and parents to view our school library catalogue online and children are encouraged to use this to help with research, to write reviews about books they have read and search for new books.

Oxford Owl

Online books for children to read.

Khan Academy Kids 

Fantastic website that supports many subjects taught at school.

Shaun's Games Academy 

A website to help children design their own games online.

Kids Know It 

This website is aimed at developing children’s general knowledge about the world.


Games, puzzles and quizzes for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children.


Wonderful activities for all. If you feel you need to extend your learning, try some of the activities on this web site.

Cool Reads

Online books to read. 


A website with ideas for arts and crafts as well as fun science experiments that can be carried out at home. 

BBC Class Clips 

BBC Class Clips 

Cool Maths For Kids 

Lots and lots of games and brainteasers to get you all thinking and looking for patterns in all things mathematical.

Make Me Genius

Science based activities for children to try at home. 

Phonics Play 

Phonics games for children to use to practice new phonemes and graphemes.

Crick Web 

Free online educational resources and games.

Letters & Sounds 

Phonics games for children to use to practice new phonemes and graphemes.

ICT Games 

Many Maths games, for all ages.

Learn English Kids 

Stories to help learn English

Maths On Toast 

‘Maths on Toast’ works towards giving all families and communities creative, human and social experiences of maths.

Maths Zone 

Lots and lots and lots of games and activities to support all sorts of maths skills.


Translate from one language to another

ABC Education

A range of fun activities.

International Children's Digital Library

This is an online library of books in different languages to read with the children. It is important for the children to develop their home language as well as their English.

Primary Games

A popular website with lots of mathematical games.

Maths Sphere

Check out the ‘Fun and Games’ menu. There are some excellent puzzles in here to get you all thinking.

Kiwi Families 

Free maths and science games.