My Activity Passport

The ‘My Activity Passport’ list is part of the Education Secretary’s vision for every child to have the opportunity to enjoy new and varied experiences, no matter their background - comprising of key areas: drive and tenacity; sticking at the task at hand; understanding how to work towards long term goals when reward might be a long way off in the future; and being able to pick yourself up and bounce back from life’s challenges.

My Activity Passport

Rising Stars

A Summary of the National Curriculum by Year Group.

Getting to grips with the National Curriculum can be challenging for parents and children.  A new curriculum was introduced in September 2014 that has changed significantly the way we approach learning in many subjects and the expectations about what children should learn in each Key Stage.  Rising Stars have compiled a series of useful summary documents aimed at outlining the National Curriculum expectations for each year group.  We encourage you to have a look at them – they are really useful!

Parent Guide to New National Curriculum

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 1

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 2

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 3

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 4

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 5

Rising Stars Parents Guide Year 6

Parent Guides

Parents Guides to Year 4 Timestable


Guide to Reading with your Child







Ready to Learn Guides

Getting the most out of School

Giving your child a helping hand

Independence and Responsibility

Online Safety

Preparing for change at School

Speaking and Listening

Supporting special educational needs and disability

Your childs wellbeing