HomeStart Barnet

Home-Start Barnet, Brent, Enfield & Harrow is one of 269 independent branches of the national charity, Home-Start UK. We offer support, friendship and practical help to families in Barnet, Brent, Enfield and Harrow.

Since opening in October 1997, we have supported almost 3,500 families (including more than 7,000 children), recruited and trained 563 volunteers drawn from the local community.  We have an excellent reputation in the borough and support a growing number of families with increasingly complex needs requiring intensive, dedicated support from staff and our volunteers.

Our core work is with families with (at least) one child under five. Trained volunteers visit the family once a week, supporting them in a variety of practical or emotional ways. This may sound simple, but it works! 

We also run family groups, parenting programmes, a financial guidance programme, a domestic violence programme, and two health-coaching programmes as well as providing annual outings for the families we support.

HomeStart Barnet referral can be made here: Homestart Barnet


Parenting Programmes

Parenting  programmes for parents who want to improve the relationship between themselves and their children. These are delivered as part of the South Locality 0-19 Services. Please contact the centre to register your interest.

Parenting Programmes

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a lovely way to enjoy time with your baby and it can also help you bond with them.

Before babies are able to understand language, we often communicate and comfort them through touch. If a baby cries, for example, parents will hold, cuddle or stroke them. Baby massage is part of this natural impulse.

There are no set guidelines regarding the minimum age for when to start baby massage. Although nurturing touch can be given from birth, some babies may find formal, structured massage too stimulating in the very early weeks.

When it comes to baby massage classes, some babies may find a formal class overwhelming in the early weeks. It can also be hard for parents to make it to a class on time or consistently with a newborn. As a result, many parents prefer to wait until their baby is about six weeks old when their routine is more settled and their behaviour is sometimes more predictable.

Baby massage classes will be advertised on the timetable, or contact the Children's Centre for more information.

Baby Massage Image

Barnet Well Being Hub

The Barnet Wellbeing Hub is a warm and welcoming space providing a person-centred approach focusing on your needs and wellbeing. One of our Wellbeing Navigators will listen to your personal story, understand your needs and connect you to services tailored for you. We make it simple for you to access our service. Call, email or drop-in to see a navigator face to face; you can choose.

Tel: 03333 449 088

Email: info@barnetwellbeing.org.uk

Barnet Well Being Hub referrals can be made here: